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                                                       Friday, March 22th, 2019



                                 Student News (Even)

**Leadership News:


Hey Warriors listen up- next week is SPIRIT week and we want all to participate.

Tribe points will be earned for dressing up and during our Spirit rally on Friday as well. 

The winning tribe will be chosen soon and it might be yours... so be sure to participate. 

Monday is Superhero day

Tuesday is Neon day

Wednesday is Sports day

Thursday is Black and White 

Friday is Spirit shirt or Exeter gear

Also, Leadership has created a website for all students to be informed of upcoming events (especially 8th graders) and pages with more info for you to be in the know. 

Today you will receive an email with the website link. If you do not receive it, let Mrs. Rojas know. 

The last announcement is to let you know how the tribes are placed as of today (remember this can change if you participate next week)

In first place with 172 points if Cheyenne, 

in a very close second place, we have Crow with 165 points 

Third place Cherokee with 148

Fourth place Apace with 133

Fifth place Sioux 128 pts

and in sixth place Comanche with 109 pts 

Things can still change, make sure you participate next week during dress-up days and rally.