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8th Grade Graduation Requirements




In order for 8th grade students to be eligible to graduate from Wilson Middle School, they need to meet the following criteria:


  1. Academics: Students must earn a 2.0 GPA during 8th grade to graduate.  A system of monitoring, notification, and intervention will be built using a progressive approach:
  2. Work with classroom teacher
  3. Intervention Classes
  4. Lunch intervention
  5. Afterschool academic intervention
  1. Behavior: Students may have no more than 5 days of suspension for Ed Code violations (out of school) during 8th grade to be eligible to participate in graduation. 
  1. Attendance: Students must have a minimum of a cumulative 94% attendance rate during their 6th- 8th grade years. In addition, they must also maintain a 94% attendance rate their 8th grade year. This excludes absences that are excused for school- related activities, funeral, court appearances, or those excused by a Dr.’s note.  Students will have opportunities to make up unexcused absences through the attendance at Saturday School (4 hours), which would be staffed by district employees.
  1. Non-Graduates: Students who do not meet graduation requirement criteria will be required to attend a summer academy, which will focus on behavior modification, academic intervention, and study skills.  Students who do not complete the summer academy successfully will start the 9th grade at the continuation high school.