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Our two competitors, Lily Lorenzi, and Tyleigh Ryan, both acquitted themselves with dignity.  Tyleigh and Lily were up against about 240 spellers—the best in the County.  Tyleigh went to the second round so she bested about 60% of the spellers who had been eliminated to that point.  Some of the words chosen for the Bee are very easy and some are extremely difficult, so luck plays a part in the outcome.  Tyleigh was not lucky when she got the word, “rhetoric” and forgot the silent “h”.  Lily went on to the 3rd round which put her above about 75% of the spellers there, and she also got a difficult word, “alumnus” which stumped her.  Both girls, along with Devin Kirby—who took notes throughout the Bee in preparation for next year’s tournament---are committed to coming back even stronger next year.