Zoom camera usage *update


Zoom camera usage

The reasons for this request are listed below.

1) Student Safety – We are responsible for our students during class time, whether remote or not.  We need to verify whether students are with us or not during class time so we can immediately notify parents to check on the safety of their children.  Students could need immediate medical attention which would be delayed if we don’t verify their attendance by seeing them on camera. 
2) Engagement - One of the simplest and most effective ways to check for engagement is to look at your audience.  In order to assess student engagement it is important that we see our students.  When a student’s camera is off it is impossible to gauge whether or not they are with us.  
3) Preparing to return to School – We are hopeful of returning to school.  We need to practice face-to-face contact because the State could mandate school openings at any time.
4) Mental Health – Social isolation has proved to have a significant impact on mental health. Turning off the cameras and not interacting only elevates their risk.

We will hold a parent forum on Tuesday at 5:00pm to further discuss this request.  The link to our forum zoom can be found on the school website.