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Aeries Parent Access

Aeries Grade System Resources

Click on the link below to access the parent/student web portal to check grades, missing assignments, attendance, discipline and other information regarding your student. 
Aeries Mobile App information

The Aeries Mobile Portal is a mobile app for Parents and Students to use to access Grade, Attendance, Contact, Demographic, and Aeries Communications information in a concise, mobile-friendly format. Parents, guardians, and students can use their preexisting Parent/Student accounts to gain access to their data.


The Aeries Mobile Portal Apps are available for both iOS and Android phones. For a basic overview please visit:

This is the only app recommended by Exeter Union High School. There are other mobile apps that you can add to your device but they are from third party vendors and we cannot guarantee their accuracy.
Creating or resetting your password
The following files show step by step on how to create a parent/student account.  All student accounts are created when they start at the high school.  Screen shots may look different due to continuations upgrades by Aeries