Extended Learning Opportunity Program (ELOP)

Clubs are no-cost and operate until at least 6:00 pm every regular school day. Clubs will also be made available during intersessions breaks (Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer) and some Saturdays. Students are able to join a variety of afterschool clubs and are encouraged to attend daily. The descriptions below have been provided by the club advisors. Days and times vary.
Please use the application below or this google form to enroll your student for the 2023-2024 school year.
Description of ELOP Clubs: 
Garden Club:
"The Garden club will be examining soil and vegetables. Students will also have the opportunity to take home vegetable plants so that they may enjoy growing it at home."
Art Club:
"The Wilson E.L.O.P. Art Club is for middle school students that enjoy the visual arts. We will introduce students to all forms of visual art so that they learn to understand, apply the elements of art and principles of design. Students will share their art with their peers as well as the community. This club is designed to be fun and educational as well as an opportunity to build confidence in each student. 
Cheer Club
"We are looking forward to a fun filled year with your cheerleaders! We have a lot of fun activities planned and hope to teach the girls a lot of important fundamental skills of the sport! We will be learning basic motions, cheers, dances, tumbling and stunting. We will also be incorporating fun craft activities!"
"Photography Club is a club where students have the opportunity to learn how to use a professional camera and editing software. Our club not just focuses on photos, but we also learn video production as well."
Junior Achievement
"My program is learning about how to save/earn money, accept diversity in the community, help build self esteem, make new friends, and how to just be yourself. It will be learning through games and interactive activities."
Table Top Games

"This club will be creating a space for students to play games like Dungeons and Dragons and other various tabletop games that are collaborative and fun."

Creative Writing

"This club is focused on creative writing and storytelling. Students will have a space to write their own stories and hone their skills as a writer to tell interesting stories. With the stories they create, they can submit their work to hopefully get published as well as compete in small writing contests within the club."

Japanese / Anime club

"This club will be a mixed bag of anything and everything pertaining to Japan. Students will be watching anime and animated movies such as Studio Ghibli movies, as well as learning some of the language, history, and culture of Japan."